Tapas Anyone?


This page started with a random trip to the Bay Area; the day was a much needed get away with a good friend to catch up and whatnot. We started our day with Middle Eastern food for lunch, and we ended our day ended in Half Moon Bay at Seville Tapas, a small tapas bar situated near the ocean. I’d been there a month before and was very impressed with their variety of tapas. 

It was about as perfect a summer afternoon in California as you could ask for: the restaurant was busy, the food was delicious, and there were lots of potential unsuspecting victims to draw. Off to the left of us was a group of what looked and sounded like students; one of them, a young man, was wearing white Ray-Ban’s and seemed like a perfect subject for my pen. Between the delicious food and casual conversation my friend felt that it would be a good idea if we made a small video of me working on my drawing. I’d wanted to do something like that for quite some time but hadn’t had the opportunity to do it until that day. I’ll post the video as soon as I upload it from my iPhone. Anyway, it was fun making the video – it even drew the attention of one of the girls that was sitting at the same table as my victim. I’m sure she must have mentioned it to him. If you’re ever in Half Moon Bay, stop by Seville Tapas and enjoy a little taste of Spain. You might even see me there drawing in my sketchbook.

The rest of this page was drawn at my usual drawing haunt, Empresso Coffeehouse. The girl in the middle of the page seemed suspicious of what I was doing and kept looking over to see if I was drawing her. She never caught on that I was because after so many years, I’ve honed my ability to capture unsuspecting victims in public! The gentleman at the lower right is a regular and always sits in the same corner. I could fill an entire book with sketches of him since he hardly moves at all.

At the bottom of the page are some thoughts that I’ve had in mind recently. Sometimes it feels as if we’ve hardly progressed at all as a race. The brutality, the greed, and the self entitlement really do get to be a bit much sometimes. They say that within 20 years we’ll discover another life-form  in the universe. Hopefully, it’ll be vastly different from us. 

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