Artist Statement

My work is an anomaly in the 21st Century: it is rooted in the time-honored traditions of nineteenth and twentieth Century art while refusing to adhere to anything but its own sense of purpose. I am not someone who is concerned with following existing trends or meeting any sort of expectations. I do what works best for me and what allows me to communicate in the strongest, most direct manner with whomever views my work.

My work is an amalgamation of various traditions: American comic book art and illustration, 19th Century English Romantic painting, Art Nouveau poster design, French book illustration and French bande dessinée. It is this combination of visual styles that have forged the unique voice that allows me to spotlight the myriad of cultural and social interests that are important to me.

Within my work you’ll find a wide range of subject matter: drawings and paintings of idea inspired by Romantic and fantastical traditions, striking black and white work highlighting relevant cultural and political figures along with the indigent and downtrodden of society.

The skill, draftsmanship and design evident in my work is the result of decades of earnest, dedicated effort on my behalf. My work is good because there is education, knowledge, and experience behind it. I have extremely high standards when it comes to doing what I do. I do not compromise those standards for anyone or anything. 

The most important and essential aspects of my work are that it follows its own unique path without compromise and that it communicates who I am as an individual while giving voice to all the various influences and life experiences that have gone into making up what is visually represented in all that I do.

Salvador Castío