The artist has a policy of not accepting commissions. However he is willing to make an exception when and if a proposed commission meets his criteria. You can submit a proposal for a commission via this site’s contact form located on the homepage of this site and the artist will review it and get back to you. Please include a complete description of of your proposal in your message. Before submitting you proposal please look through the gallery section of this site to get an idea of the style the artist works in. If he decides to accept the proposal for a commission the work will be executed in the style of the pieces you see in the gallery. The artist will accept a basic idea and the rest of the work will be left to his professional discretion. Please bear these things in mind before submitting a proposal. The artist prefers to work independently by choice and to offer the work that he produces for sale via this website to those interested in purchasing an original piece of work. Please check back regularly to our gallery section to see updates of work for sale. The artist retains the copyright to all his original work, so the client will be required to sign a standard Artist’s Sale Agreement upon purchase and before the work can be shipped (Click here to view the Sale Agreement). Below, you will find a description of technique and individual characteristics in-regards to the mediums usually employed by the artist when creating his originals. If you have any further questions you can email the artist at:


Pencil Drawings: Pencil drawings are fully rendered pieces of work and not sketches. The drawings usually take the artist a week or more to complete. The drawings are usually executed on paper or illustration board.


Pen and ink Drawings: Pen and ink drawings are drawn in waterproof India ink with a crow quill pen or technical pen. These drawings usually take weeks to be completed, often longer. The drawings are executed on paper or illustration board.


Paintings: Paintings are usually done in mixed media such pen and ink, watercolor, pastel, color pencil, and gouache. Paintings usually take weeks to be completed, often longer. They are executed on illustration board.

All original pieces of work are considered a working surface by the artist and shall include any and all paste ups and corrections made by hand by the artist. These elements are considered to be part of the original piece of art.

Sketchbooks and individual pages: Work done in the artists’ personal sketchbooks is usually executed in pen and ink with a Rapidograph technical drawing pen. The artist doesn’t normally consider selling this work, but given the fact that more and more people are expressing an interest in obtaining individual pages and even entire completed sketchbooks the artist is willing to consider serious offers. 

For general information contact: