Laundromat Musings

Laundry day is always a roll of the dice for me; you just never know what you’re going to see or hear at the laundromat. Some of the stuff that I’ve seen and heard here I couldn’t make up even if I tried. Today, it wasn’t too bad — the people here weren’t crazy like they can be. I noticed a few characters milling about but I didn’t really take much note of them. Maybe it’s because I had my face buried in my sketch-journal or because I was busy snapping candid photos of the establishment’s denizens for a series of black and white photos that I’m working on. Whatever the case maybe, I kept myself busy which is always a win win for me. Instead of staring at Facebook or whatever, I get a blog post out of this outing. Not too bad for a day at the laundromat.

The drawing that accompanies this post is a drawing of a young Asian woman that I started at my local Starbucks late last week. A little more shading and some technical tweaks and voilà, you have this week’s blog post.

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