Unsuspecting Victims, Thoughts, Etc


February 2014Well, well, well, here we are again. It’s been a while but I haven’t stopped looking for and drawing my favorite type of people,   unsuspecting victims. It would be a bit hard to not run into them – they’re everywhere! Just look around, and there they are in all their weirdness. God love ’em. Let’s face it, people are weird and they do weird things all the time. They can’t help it. It’s this very weirdness that keeps me filling page after page in my trusty sketchbook. Luckily, I’m able to do this for a living – did you think that I was doing all that work at cafes for nothing? Hahaha, don’t be silly, you don’t think that I buy into that whole starving artist mumbo-jumbo, do you? Nah, not me – my ego would never allow that. Perhaps I bought into it back in the halcyon days of art school, but you live and you learn. Besides, how in the world would anyone take me seriously if I didn’t come across as supremely confident and whatnot? People love it when you’re confident and full of piss and vinegar – confidence makes you that much more appealing to most people. I say most people because there is that group who loathes confidence and determination – stay away from those types of people – they’re toxic. They’ll drag you down right along with them if they can.

Anyway, here’s one of my recent sketchbook pages. It was drawn in a couple of local cafes and at a laundromat. I’m not sure how the laundromat managed to sneak in there, but there it is. What can I say, I never get tired of drawing. Up until now, I’ve mostly drawn people, but that’s changing – I love drawing people, especially women, but believe you me, it’s not the only thing I like to draw. I like drawing all kinds of things: people, landscapes, cars, buildings, cartoons, portraits, cubist inspired drawings, surrealism, erotica, weird and crazy stuff, lettering – the sky’s the limit. I can’t imagine drawing just one thing; it get’s boring after a while, you know? I have to challenge myself. I have to keep stretching and growing. Above all, it has to be done my way and done right. Everything has to be art. I’m not interested in anything less than that.


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