Subtle Like A Club To The Head

La Puta Hipocresia - January, 2014

A recent page from my sketchbook; It’s my reaction to an unfortunate incident that occurred earlier in the year. Translated, this reads, “Motherfucking Hypocrisy.” I wrote it in Spanish because I felt that it would have more impact – it sounds stronger in Spanish. In Spanish the word puta is very vulgar and depending on how it’s used it can either mean whore or f’ucking or Motherfucking. This idea isn’t meant to come across as nice, it’s meant to have impact. It’s intention is to get a reaction.

I did this on purpose because too often nowadays people have no reaction whatsoever to any type of subtlety in art; they just don’t get it. I believe that people need to be jarred by what they see otherwise they will not react. It’s as if you have to club them over the head to get a reaction. Someone who excels at this is British street artist, Banksy. His work is full of blunt, to the point social commentary. If you don’t know his work, I recommend that you Google him.

This is but a start; So far I’m liking where this idea is going. Social criticism is something that I’ve wanted to explore in my work for quite some. For some it will come as a bit of a shock, for others, it will be a new texture, a new side of my work. Art isn’t meant to always be beautiful; sometimes, it’s meant to say things in a very direct way and personal way. It’s not about beauty, it’s about communication.

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