Study for Ensueño. 2020. Pen, ink, and gouache in sketchbook

June 2020. Salvador is currently hard at work on a backlog of ideas that span three decades. These intense and personal ideas were started in the artist’s formative years and reflect all the influences that helped shape the artist’s vision. Many of these deeply personal ideas were decades ahead of the artist’s technical capabilities and would not be ready to come to fruition until now when the artist’s skill and vision have been honed and refined to an exceptional level. These new works will reflect decades of sincere and earnest commitment on behalf of the artist. The artist reflects on this process in the following statement, “Great art takes time. Playing the long game isn’t for everyone – there’s no instant gratification or 401K. You can’t download it or buy it on buy it on demand either. It only comes about through decades of complete dedication. It’s why most people are not willing to play the long game”

The study posted above is a small sample of some of the work that Salvador is  currently immersed in at the moment. This new body of work will not only be exceptional in its style and execution, but it will also be a definitive statement of the artist’s intent and vision.