It’s All Possible… If You Really Want It

Well, here we are at the beginning of another year; what exciting things do you have planned for yourselves, my dear readers? Did you make a resolution? Did you a break a resolution? Or, is it all the same to you? I hope that it’s not all the same to you; I hope that you can see endless possibilities for yourself in this new year. I certainly do.

The new year brings a change to my point of view in general. In recent months I found myself falling into a terrible and repetitive pattern that left me feeling very empty on the inside. It was horrible; it was like I was becoming one of the crowd. Now, I find that my tolerance for plebeian banalities is gone. There was a time when such things didn’t bother me; it was easy to overlook them – not anymore. I’ve reached a point in my life where I want more and not less from life. I see lots of people that are my age who seem to have lost their curiosity and sense of adventure; they’ve settled for a Walmart-level lifestyle and are cruising on down to retirement age. What a fucking nightmare! I can’t imagine anything worse than this. Seriously, imagine yourself waking up one day at 75 and realizing that the most thrilling memories you have are from going to Walmart patio furniture sales! I’d rather be shot dead, thank you. All joking aside, I honestly couldn’t continue sitting around listening to these types of things and acting like it’s OK. I’m sure that this will not bode well for some people that know me; I’m sure that someone will lob the “Elitist,” label my way and that’s fine with me. It doesn’t matter to me any more, it really doesn’t.

“It’s all possible if you really want it.” Yes indeed, I couldn’t agree more. The new year has begun and it is different for me. The recent events that I speak of have also had an effect on my work as as well; just like everything else, I want more and not less from it. The only concrete possibility that exists in regards to my work is a multifaceted one. I cannot continue down a road where I only see things one way. They say that life is short, but I imagine that it must be even shorter if you waste it indulging in banalities.


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  1. I know what you mean by the banalities! Suddenly the important things have come into sharp focus, leaving the rest of it as blurry background. Many of the supposed “important” things are really really NOT so important. Rock on, Salvadore!!

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