A Slight Return

Kate Bush - March 1997Lately, the British music press has been in overdrive in regards to the much anticipated return of Kate Bush to the concert stage; twenty two shows are booked at London’s Hammersmith Apollo – her first live performances since 1979s Tour of Life, her first, and until now, only tour. Amazing. I’ve been an admirer of Kate’s since 1986 and nearly three decades later, I have lost none of my sense of wonder and awe for this woman’s music. She remains an artistic enigma to me and I regard her as a primary influence on myself and my work. It’s my pleasure to post this drawing from 1997 as my contribution to this week’s Throwback Thursday.

I’ve got lots of new sketchbook pages scanned and ready to publish, so you’ll be seeing me slightly more regularly from this point onward. Back in December, I posted about moving; since that post, we have moved and it was an all around good move to make in so many ways. For the past 8 months, I’ve been getting to know and enjoying the area and the surroundings where we are now living. There’s some real beautiful parts around here and I plan on drawing some of them for inclusion in future posts. Life is good.  


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