A New Direction/A New Start

Friends and Fans,

I recently made a post concerning the changes and direction that I’m going in with my work and all my social networking sites. I’m doing this because I want to bring the quality and look of my work and my sites up to the level where I feel it should be. You can read more of my post here. for now, I’d like to talk about this blog.

Along with the changes that I mention in my post, change, too, must inevitably come to my blog. After much thought, I’ve decided that my blog needs to reflect where I’m going as well as my current attitude and state of mind concerning my work and everything else under the sun. In order to do this, I will be going through and editing all my past entries; some will be deleted, some will be updated and edited for clarity, and all will be updated with higher quality scanned images.

It’s important to me that this blog be an accurate reflection of myself, my opinions, and my thoughts. It obviously functions as sort of an online journal for me and so therefor it must be clear and to the point in it’s point of view. I’m currently going through 20 years of sketchbooks and picking and choosing the best bits from the past two decades. There’s an incredible wealth of material there that I would like to eventually share with you in one form or another.

I, once again, would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers of this blog for your continued support. I’m excited about the changes that I’ve decided to make and about the new and past material that I will be sharing with you. Keep an eye out, the best is yet to come!

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